Malvern Quaker Meeting is part of the Religious Society of Friends, a faith group committed to working for equality, peace, justice and integrity. To find out about our faith, see Quakers in Britain.

Meeting for Worship Sundays at 10:30am on Zoom, see News below
Address 1 Orchard Road, Malvern, WR14 3DA
Clerking Team Elizabeth & Kevin Rolph and Melanie Jameson
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The Meeting House is not currently open for any purpose.
Meeting for Worship is by Zoom only, every Sunday from 10:30–11:30am.
For more information, email
9th March 7:30pm
Meeting for Worship for Business on Zoom
13th March Area Meeting on Zoom
20th March 6:30pm
Meeting Social on Zoom
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Information about the Meeting.

The Quaker Peace Garden is established at the Malvern Youth Centre on Albert Road.

There is a substantial library of Quaker-related books, a full catalogue is available to download.

The Meeting house is located in Great Malvern, near Priory Park.

An archive of newsletters is available.

Malvern Meeting is part of Worcestershire & Shropshire Area Meeting