In 1856, Friends (Quakers) in Malvern rented a large room for their Meetings for Worship but, just before the Second World War, they built their own Meeting House in Orchard Road and it was opened for worship in 1938.

Malvern Quakers gather each Sunday for the Meeting for Worship, which is at the heart of our faith. Out of the deep silence some may feel moved to stand and speak; this is known as ministry, see the leaflet Getting Ready for Quaker Worship (PDF) for a description. We do not have a Children’s Meeting at present but can arrange one whenever necessary, contact Liz Flanagan on 01684 573315 / 07584 244591.

Visitors to Malvern Meeting House comment on its calm and peaceful atmosphere. Come and experience it for yourself. You are welcome to attend our Meeting for Worship.

To find out more about us and the history of our Meeting see the article Quakers in Malvern (PDF).